Welcome to the website for RPiTweet, this website is currently under development.

About the Project
Posted on 25th July 2012 by Dan.

Firstly, If you dont wknow what a Raspberry Pi is, all the information you need can be found here.

The idea for this project came about after having recieved my Raspberry Pi. Being able to SSH into it from work is nice, but I would like a more user friendly method. I then thought that this would be a great oppertunity to learn some python and program a script to make use of the twitter API.

A similar project called 'HashPipe' that I completed as part of a group in college is available here.

Here are some of the features which I hope to implement:

The possiblities are endless really.

A picture of the Pi in its natural habitat.

I am currently in the early stages of the project. I am still learning Python as I go but so far I am finding it a nice language to work with. I am using Tweepy to interface with the Twitter API and so far it is proving quite easy to use. The script I currently have will pull down statuses, download links in these status (via wget) and Post updates. There is alot of tidying up of code and further work to be done yet. When I get this to a stage when I am happy to release it I will upload all code and documentation.

Posted on 25th July 2012 by Dan.