Simulate CPU load with Python

While testing out some home automation code on my Raspberry Pi I noticed it was pretty CPU intensive. Time to bump up the overclock to squeeze more performance out of the Broadcom Arm7 processor. I wanted to keep an eye on temps as well as stability under full load so I needed to simulate CPU usage.

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Executing PHP within a WordPress text widget

I was looking for a way to add a dynamic check of the status of my Raspberry Pi to the sidebar of my website. A quick search of the WordPress plugin directory returned a plugin that would allow me to execute PHP code from within a text widget. Perfect for what I was thinking; A simple ping test to drive the dynamic text.

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New website host and design

Switched website host from OVH (Terrible) to Blacknight. The Control panel is a breeze to use and migrating over took no time at all.

Went for a more clean responsive design during the migration. The old site was getting a little dated.

RPiTweet – Take control of your Raspberry Pi via Twitter!

RPiTweet is the latest project that I have found myself working on in my spare time. Whether or not I will get the time to get it to a stage where I’m happy with it is a different story.

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HashPipe – A Java Twitter client

HashPipe is a twitter client for the masses. Available for Windows,  Linux, and Mac, this easy to use tool makes using twitter a breeze.  Developed by BSc. IT Students in the National University of Ireland  Galway in early 2011, it is now almost ready for its first public release. Support and development will continue through 2011.

V0.72 is now available to the public to download.

Clicking this Link for more information or to download the project: