Simple Android Ad blocking (no root required)

Hey, it’s 2017! Time for some new content (Yes I know I was lazy with the image). Let’s look at reducing the number of ads that you are seeing on your Android device. Maybe you Googled something dodgy and your now getting embarrassing ad suggestions, or you just plain hate ads. I won’t judge. Either way,  blocking ads on an Android device is relatively easy.

All you need is:

  • An Ad blocking DNS
  • A VPN app

Simply put: A DNS (Domain Name System) is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. In this scenario they are also filtering the advertisement associated IP’s. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) app will direct your devices requests through this DNS.

Anyway, onto the good stuff. For a DNS I use Adguard DNS. There is an element of trust needed here, as you are passing DNS queries through this third party. But Adguard are legit. An alternative to check out would be OpenDNS.

For a VPN I use Pepe DNS Changer. It’s lightweight and straightforward.

Pepe DNS Changer
Price: Free

The app has some preconfigured VPN’s. We are going to need to add a new one. That big red button should do the trick.

Now all you need is a name and the IPs. DNS servers at time of post: Check Adguard’s website for the latest

Save and activate the VPN. You should see a key icon in your notification bar. This means you are connected to a VPN and the ad blocking is active. Go ahead and try visiting some websites or using some apps that have ads. Bask in the screen real estate you regain without advertisements cramping your style.

* FYI: I tested this on an Android 7.0 device. The VPN setup has changed across Android versions. If you having any issues drop me a comment.

Have a good one,

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  1. This article is very helpful. Ad blocking app is needed for smartphone users.

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